There is no great challenge and no greater honour than to be in the public service. 

                                                                                                                - Condoleezza Rice

Administration is a tool for societal change. Civil servants are the backbone, the steel frame that holds the nation together. We at Deccan Education Society’s Centre for Competitive Examination Centre – Uttarapath, are committed to provide aspirants with a space that helps you explore your full potential to be a civil servant. We provide you with an environment that is beyond the dichotomy of ideologies, focuses on knowledge, life skills and spirit of service. 

The guidance programmes at this Centre are curated with keeping the aspirant in the focus. The guidance programmes are exhaustive and comprehensive.  We at Uttarapath focus on student-centric teaching, individual attention, writing practice wherever necessary along with the necessary knowledge for clearing these exams. We also focus on other skills like articulation, leadership, problems solving capacity and interdisciplinary understanding.

Details of the Entrance Exam :

Deccan Education  Society's Fergusson College (Autonomous ) Pune, in association with Uttarapath has organised an entrance test to give selected students and alumni from all institutes of Deccan Education Society,  an opportunity to prepare for UPSC and MPSC exams in a holistic environment and at affordable fees. Few seats have been kept open for non-DES aspirants as well. 

The exam will be held on June 19th 2022. 
Registration  for the same will be open till June 8th 2022. 

Registration link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe9hXqtKVfSOTZelpm5fTexPRbDtKbv_2LTLOIflofNs4iR-w/viewform

For further  details call : 8856857941, 7709318424 
or visit the website - uttarapathias.com 

Uttarapath Entrance

Uttarapath Entrance Schedule