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Fergusson College (autonomous), Pune

Hostel General Information

Brief History

The College provides accommodation / hostel facilities for boys as well as girls. The hostel buildings are located in the college campus which is spread over 65 acres. The establishment of hostels has a great history and it was with the donations of well wishers and then management team who were great visionaries, the facilities were established and since then made available to students.

Twenty five patrons and more than one hundred fellows were enrolled during the year1892-1895. The most munificent donation received was that of His Highness the Thakoresahib of Gondal who contributed Rs. 20,000.00 to the building fund.

The building for “SirBhagvatsingji Student’s Quarters” was designed by Rao Bahadur Vasudeo Bapuji Kanitkar, the architect of the ready market of Poona. The opening ceremony of the new building of “Sir Bhagvatsingji Student’s Quarters” was performed on March 27, 1895 by His Excellency the Right Honorable Lord Sandhurst, the then Governor of Bombay. The President of Society, Shri Shahu Chhatrapati Maharaja of Kolhapur was present on this occasion  to welcome His Excellency and other distinguished guests. A large and beautifully decorated pavilion was erected in the college building and Sir Bhagvatsingji Student’s Quarters.

The hostel accommodation provided by the Sir Bhagvatsingji Student’s Quarters was so much in demand. Therefore, the provision of additional hostel accommodation was taken up as an urgent proposal for the construction of new hostel block No II. The second block was constructed in 1915 with the funds raised by issuing debentures of the amount Rs. 75.000.00.                                        

The accommodation in this block consisted of single seated rooms measuring 10’x 8’. The Block No. III was constructed in 1919 at the cost of Rs. 1, 00,000.00 . The major portion of the funds required for this project was raised by subscriptions among which the sum of Rs. 45,000.00 was contributed by Seth Tulsidas Tejpal, Rs. 5,000.00 by Messrs. Soorjee Pragjee and Rs. 5,000.00 by Seth Madhavji Hariram.

The next step in the direction of providing additional residential accommodation was taken up in 1925 for students from under privileged  communities in education. Out of total cost   Rs. 1, 45,000.00 and  Rs. 30,000.00 came by way of donations and one half of the entire cost came from Government. This block No. IV was declared open on June 25, 1925 by Sir Leslie Wilson, the then Governor of Bombay who had himself contributed Rs. 1,500.00 to the funds to this block No. IV. His Excellency eulogized the efforts of the Deccan Education Society on  behalf of student community and complimented Principal Shri. K. R. Kanitkar on the signal success of his efforts to make this possible.

Later on Block No. IV was extended which consisted of 17 rooms measuring 13’x10’ equipped with solar water heating system and supply of bore-well water facilities.

The first instance of accommodation for girl students in the form of ladies’ hostel at Fergusson College became a reality in 1909 with a donation of Rs.3,100.00 from Agarkar Memorial committee. Two more blocks were added in due course of time viz. Kesarbai block (in 1925) and Saraswati Quarters (in 1934). These blocks are now connected together by additional construction and together are now as Agarkar Block of Ladies’ hostel.

Sir Leslie Wilson wished to the scheme of providing greater hostel accommodation for girls student of the college and spoke appreciatively of the donation of Rs.8,000.00 promised by the Ranisaheb of Sangli for that purpose. Additional accommodation for girl students wished for ever since 1926 - 26 had to wait till 1934. Saraswati Quarters were completed with the donation of her Highness the Ranisaheb of Sangli. This block stands on the eastern side of the Agarkar block, symmetrical with the Kesarbai Block constructed in 1921-22. On 27th March 1934,  the Saraswati Quarters in Fergusson College were opened at the hands of Shrimant Chief Saheb of Ramdurg. This hostel block for girls student’s was named after Her Highness Shrimant Saubhagywati Saraswatibai Patwardhan, Ranisaheb of Sangli, who donated Rs.8, 000.00 for its construction. Rani Saheb was past student of Fergusson College and it was a gracious act of loyalty to the College on her part to have enabled the College authorities to provide additional hostel accommodation for 16 girls  student’s. “In remembrance of happy days passed at the College.” on she says in the inscription on the building. Sister of Ranisaheb, Smt. Manikbai Bhide, contributed Rs.1, 000.00 towards the cost of Construction. The Birla Block of the Ladies Hostel was constructed with a total cost of construction was contributed by Mrs. Sarla Birla, an eminent Ex-hostelite.

Our Donors

1. Shri. Vidyadhar  Vinayak  Kaujaligikar
2. Shri Ramchandra Pandurang Wadekar
3. Mrs. Janabai Wadekar, Kuruli Sidheshwar
4. Sardar Narsinghrao Ramchandrarao, Alias Babasaheb Ghorpade, Baroda
5. Shri. Krishnaji  Bhikaji  Ghokhale, Kolhapur
6. Shri Vaman Ramchandra Naik, Hyderabad (Deccan)
7. Sir. Chunibhai Madhavlal, Bart
8. Sardar  Bhujangrao Yashwantrao, Alias Appasaheb Ghorpade, Gajendragad
9. Shantidas Askuram, ESQR, Bombay
10. D. L. Vaidya, ESQR, Bombay
11. Shet  Ramchandra Haribhai Deokaran Gandhi, Sholapur
12. Shri. Vidyadhar Vinayak  Kaujiligikar
13. Seth Tejpal Godhu , Wing, From Medical Aid
14. Seth Madhavji Hariram , Wing
15. Smt. Radhabai Balwant Chirme
16. Smt. Annapurnabai Raghunath Karkhanis
17. Smt. Malti Madhav Wardhan
18. Seth Purshomttamdas Mangaldas Nathoobhai, Bombay
19. His Highness Maharaja Sir Tukojirao Powar, K.C.S.I , Maharaja of Dewas (Senior)
20. Capt. Parashramrao Ramchandrarao Alias Bhausaheb atwardhan,K.C.I.E., Late Chief of Jamkhindi
21. Srimant Raghunathrao Shankarrao Malojirao Mudhojirao Alias Nanasaheb Naik Nimbalkar, Chief of Phaltan. Alias Babasaheb Patwardhan , Chief of Bhor
22. Srimant Madhavrao Harihar Alias Babasaheb Patwardhan, Chief of Miraj (Junior)
23. Akalkot Darbar
24. Capt. Meherban Fatesinharao Rajesaheb of Akkalkot
25. His Highness Shri. Sir. Rajaram Chatrapati, Maharaja of  Kolhapur
26. H.E. Right Hon’ble Sir Leslie Wilson, P.C.,G.C.I.E,C.M.G,D.S.O Governor of  Bombay
27. Seth Murarji Mulraj Khatav, J. P. Bombay
28. V.R. Ranade and Sons, Poona
29. Raosaheb Manaji Rajuji, J. P. Bombay
30. K. B. Mandke, ESQR, Contractor , Poona
31. Seth Narayan Anant Desai, Topiwala, Bombay
32. Khan Saheb Karmali Ebrahim, Bombay
33. Sir Girrimbhoy Ebrahim, Bart, Bombay

There are six hostels with accommodation capacity of  441 male and 230 female students. To manage the daily/ routine affairs of the hostels there is a separate “Rector Office” with dedicated staff for general administration.  The parent organization- Deccan Education Society (DES)  has constituted an independent committee-  “Hostel Management Committee”, who manage the hostel.  There are two honorary medical officers visiting the hostels thrice in a week and providing medical consultation  to the hostel students. The Estate department of  DES takes care of regular maintenance of the hostels.

Hostel Management Committee

  1. Shri. Pramod Rawat, Chairman
  2. Dr. Ravindrasing  Pardeshi, Principal, Member
  3. Dr. Savita Kelkar (Department of German),Member
  4. Smt. Swati Joglekar (Vice Principal), Accounts and Finance Controller
  5. Dr. Anand Katikar (Department of Marathi) Special Invitee
  6. Major Shridhar Vhankate (Head, Department of Chemistry)

Chief Rector and Convener

Authorities of Hostels

Location: Rector Office, Tutorial building

  1. Chief Rector                    : Dr. Anand Katikar (Associate Professor, Department of Marathi)
  2. Rector Ladies Hostels      : Smt. Swati  Joglekar, Vice Principal
  3. Rector Gents’ Hostels      : Dr. Anand Katikar, Department of Marathi

For General Administration and Upkeep


Staff/ Designation



Hostel Administrative Staff

(1 Gents + 1 Ladies)



Hostel Supervisor



Hostel Peon/Watchman



Security Guards



Student Block Superintendents


  • 24X7 security for all hostels.
  • CCTV cameras installed for ladies hostels and monitored by Rector, Ladies Hostels.

Accommodation details


Hostel Blocks

Boys / Girls



Block I




Block II




Block III




Block IV




Total Boys



Birla Block




Agarkar Block




Bungalow No. IV




Total Girls



Total Hostel Strength [ A+B]



Four mess contractors are appointed by the Deccan Education Society for providing two times food/meal for the gents’ and ladies‘ hostels on contractual basis.

Basic facilities in hostels

  1. Mess Clubs : 04 [2 for Boys & 2 for Girls]
  2. Medical Officers : 02 [Ladies & Gents MO]
  3. Hospital facilities : Prayag hospital  for girls & Deendayal for boys
  4. Solar Water Heating System at Ladies Hostels.
  5. Covered two wheeler Parking (Girls hostel)
  6. Parent’s Open Guest Room (Girls hostel)
  7. Tea vending machine (Girls hostel)
  8. Telephone & intercom systems for girls.
  9. Common room in each block with television sets
  10. News papers and Magazines.
  11. Badminton hall (Girl’s hostel)
  12. Counseling Center
  13. Gymnasium for girls.
  14. Televisions for each block [Boy’s & Girl’s]
  15. Sport facilities.
  16. Library (Girl’s hostel)
  17. 24 hours water supply and Water purifiers and water coolers – Aqua guards in each block
  18. Grey Water recycling  plant (Girls hostel)
  19. Solar panels (Girls hostel)
  20. Bore wells : 05
  21. 24X7 hours security and CCTV cameras