Vision and Mission


We aspire to carry forward the Vision of our founders of providing affordable quality education, while expanding our academic horizons to bring the institution on par with global leaders in the field of higher education.


Strive for excellence in education in keeping with the motto of the college, “Knowledge is Power” and prepare young minds for imbibing knowledge, skills and sensitivity.

  1. To impart quality education through traditional and innovative learning practices.
  2. To provide a dynamic and creative academic environment, to tap and nurture talent for the developmentof professional skills and an all round personality.
  3. To inculcate good moral values and a sense of nationalism, in keeping with the glorious heritage of theInstitute..


1. Commitment to Scholarship and Learning

We honor scholarship in all of its aspects: artistic, cultural, scientific, and applied. We support professional development and training of our staff and administrators; and encourage and nurture intellectual curiosity in our students.

2. Commitment to Excellence

The quality of our academic programmes is central to our educational mission. We set high standards for ourselves in all of our actions and activities; assess our performance and acknowledge both individual and group contributions to the fulfillment of our mission.

3. Respect for All People

Our policies, programmes and actions affirm the worth and personal dignity of every member of the college community and contribute to a campus climate of civility, collegiality, trust, and reasoned debate. We take pride in the diversity of our community.

4. Alliances with the Community

We seek genuine partnerships with local academic institutes, industries, government, and social agencies in order to serve the intellectual, artistic, cultural, and economic needs of our surrounding communities.

5. Encouragement of Innovation, Experimentation and Creativity

We value idealism, innovation and creativity and regularly re-examine our programmes and practices so that every area of the college life will be continually improved and renewed.