Articles on COVID 19

Date: 11/05/2020     New


1. Tackling COVID-19 through possible plant-based science.
2. Economics of Small and Marginal Farmers in Sangli District in the context of COVID-19.
3. Outline of Research Work of Impact of Covid-19 on Post-Harvest Technologies and Value Addition Techniques in Fruits and Vegetables.
4. A Study of Changes in Individula Income, Spending and Saving Pattern as a Result of Covid-19 Situation in India.
5. Chinese Manufacturing Miracle: A Perspective.
6. EOA 2016-17
7. Impact of COVID19 on working of organizations: - Shifting to Virtual Working using technology platforms.
8. Impact of COVID 19 across Industry Sectors - An Exploratory Study
9. Impact of lockdown on onboarding strategies of various organisations in India.
10. Entrepreneurial activation as a counter cyclical strategy in the aftermath of COVID-19.
11. Students’ perception towards e-learning and effectiveness of online sessions amid Covid-19 Lockdown Phase in India: An analysis
12. An Empirical study on the Impact of COVID-19 on Lifestyle of Indians during a Lockdown period in India.
13. Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Industry: Challenges and Opportunities.
14. Impact on Farm Production in Covid-19 Situation.
15. Study of Impact of COVID-19 on use of collaboration platforms and its implication post COVID-19.
16. Corporate Social Responsibility in TATA Group - A Case Study.
17. Impact of conventional and non-conventional social media in managing disaster situation of covid-19.
18. Study to Explore Role of Human Resources (HR) during the lockdown at the time of COVID19. 
19. Biotechnology in India: A Leader in the Battle against COVID-19.
20. Review on Carona Virus for Potential Drug Discovery.
21. Screening of anticancer drugs as potential candidates to target COVID-19 disease.
22. Teaching Biology in Colleges and Universities post COVID-19.
23. Assessment of Covid 19 impact on availability of dairy products: A perspective of milk product manufacturer.
24. Project : Mobile Agri-Clinic
25. Is it safe to eat meat and poultry during the COVID-19 pandemic?
26. Feasibility of E-Marketing for Agricultural Commodities
27. Knowledge is the Key to Healthier Life and Education is a Powerful Medicine.
28. A study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on knowledge regarding use of personal protective equipments among nursing students of selected college of Pune city.
29. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices towards Covid-19 Outbreak in Maharashtra State
30. A correlation study to assess the knowledge and self-expressed stigma regarding COVID-19 Outbreak among adults at selected society of Pune city.
31. Assess stress level among antenatal mothers due to Covid -19 outbreak
32. A Phenomenological study on experiences of nursing professional’s caring Covid-19 patients from selected hospitals, Pune
33. Parenting stress and impact of lock down on behavioural and emotional status of children.
34. A study to assess the problems faced by the farmers due to covid-19 from the selected areas.
35. Living with Carona Virus: Paradigm shift in Lifestyle.
36. Can antiviral drugs known today are useful in the treatment of Corona Virus or COVID-19
7. A Brief Review of Effect of Covid -19 on Fisheries
38. Screening of anticancer drugs as potential candidates to target COVID-19 disease
39. Covid19 pandemics impact on health of migrants in Maharashtra
41. An investigation of emotional intelligence factors among health care professionals dealing with COVID 19 pandemic for effective relationship management by means of factor analysis
42. कोविड १९ या रोगांच्या संसर्गापासून बचाव होणेसाठी रोगप्रतिकारक शक्ती वाढविण्यासाठी वापरात येणाऱ्या वनस्पती - एक अभ्यास 
43. Krishna River water quality during lockdown of 2020 define as benchmark for future pollution controls.
44. Strategies adopted for the treatment of COVID-19 patients
45. Effect of COVID 19 Corona virus on Business
47. Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Industry: Challenges and Opportunities
48. COVID-19: A survey on change in learning method from classroom to virtual using Educational Data Mining
49. Psychological impact and Coping Mechanisms of health care workers for COVID-19
50. The Impact Coronavirus on the Electronic Industry
51. Case study on Electronics in Health Sector during the Covid-19 Pandemic
52. Perspective Mind and Body during COVID 19
53. Case Study on Readiness of students for E-learning: Perception and Prerequisites