Gallery Photos - Work-shops under DBT Star College Program

Work-shops under DBT Star College Program

It was a privilege that the dept. of Electronic-Science was selected under the Star College Program of Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. Several workshops were organized for students at various levels; targeting various aspects of Electronics-specifically not covered in their usual curricula.

Workshop for S.Y.B.Sc. (Electronics) titled Hands-on Experience With Various Sensors, Interfacing and Signal Conditioning Circuits” was conducted for six (6) laboratory-days on 14’th, 16’th, 21’st, 22’nd, 23’rd and 30’th January 2015. The workshop was   coordinated by Prof. Mrs. A. P. Kathe and Prof. S. S. Bhagwat under the able guidance and support of Dr.N.M.Kulkarni, HOD and Vice-Principal, Fergusson College. A total of 25 deserving students from S.Y.B.Sc. (Electronics) class participated in the workshop.

The main objectives were to create the understanding of principle of energy conversion, to develop designing skills based on the nature of sensor output, to enhance expertise in handling of test and measurement instruments, to reinforce the concepts and to introduce the students to state-of-art components related to the experiments.