Electronics Science


About the department

Established in year 1985, department of Electronic Science has become one of the most fascinating and active department on the college campus. Electronic Science subject is developed with a focus on bridging the gap between Science and Engineering and Technology. The Undergraduate course in Electronic Science was introduced in 1985 and Postgraduate course in 1992. The department is also a recognized research center under University of Pune from 1998. Vocational Electronic Equipment Maintenance (EEM) subject was introduced in 2000 at UG level to enhance the Entrepreneur skills. The department boasts of highly qualified faculty involved in teaching as well as research and consultancy projects. The department has well-equipped laboratories and a departmental library with good collection of books and journals. The UG, PG and research students are exposed to core as well as specialized courses in Electronic Science such as Microcontrollers, Embedded systems, Power Electronics, Mechatronics, Industrial process control, Digital signal/image processing and communication and networking.

Programs offered

Sr. No.Courses Duration
1. B.Sc. (Electronic Science) 3 years degree course
2. B.Sc. (Electronic Science) 3 years degree course- With Vocational Electronic Equipment Maintenance (EEM)
3. M.Sc. (Electronic Science) 2 years degree course
4. M. Phil. (Electronic Science) 2 years degree course
5. Ph.D. (Electronic Science) 4 years degree course


Electronic Science Department has Eight well equipped laboratories: General Electronics Lab-I & II, Special Electronics Lab, Microcontroller and Computer Lab, PG Electronics Lab, Embedded system Lab, Electronics Research and Development Lab, PICC Electronics Lab.                                                                                                        The departmental library contains four sections: UG, Vocational EEM, PG and research.

Student activities

Electronic Science Department subject association carries out various activities for the benefit of the students. These include:
  1. Essay competition,
  2. Problem solving sessions,
  3. Poster competition,
  4. Electronic study circle,
  5. Electronic project competition,
  6. Open book examination,
  7. e-Expert Competition,
  8. National science day activity,
  9. Guest lectures,
  10. Educational Excursion.
  11. SPEED activities
  12. Elektra-Annual Electronic Exhibition
Department also celebrates a week long activity program called as “Elektra”.

Alumni Activities

  1. Get together
  2. Prizes to Meritorious students
  3. Special lectures
  4. Industry-Academia meet


  1. Society of Promotion of Excellence in Electronics Discipline (SPEED)
  2. Instrumentation Society of India
  3. IAPT and IPA
Research Center in Electronic Science

The research center of the department is established in year 1998. Till date center has received research grants worth Rs. 85 Lakhs from various funding agencies like- DAE, DST, UGC, ISRO, BCUD-UoP etc. More than 8 students have completed M.Phil./Ph.D. from the research center. Currently, 7 students are working for their Ph. D. program.

Focus Research Areas

  1. Smart Instrumentation
  2. Embedded systems
  3. Wireless Sensor Network
  4. Power line communication
  5. Digital signal / image processing

List of Recognized research guides

Sr. No. Name
1. Dr. N. M. Kulkarni
2. Dr. M. S. Zambare
3. Dr. S. P. Khedkar

Research facilities / instruments

Name Instrument / Equipment
1. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
2. Low temperature Four-probe resistivity setup
3. Reconfigurable Data collecting networked platform
4. Crossbow WSN base stations
5. Crossbow WSN nodes
6. Spectrum analyzer (1-3 GHz)
7. Digital storage oscilloscope
8. NI-based DAS
9. NI-based real time RIO platform for HIL
10. Computers
11. Printers
12. Microcontroller platforms – 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM & Rabit core
13. Microwave generation / measurement setup
14. Robotic systems
15. PLCs
16. Softwares- MATLAB/Labview/VLSI design tools and Microcontroller / Embedded System design tools

Please Note

Internal Examination Paper-pattern
Total Marks Per Paper - 20

  • Multiple Choice Questions- 5 Marks
  • True Or False - 5 Marks
  • Answer any 5 out of 7- 10 Marks (2 Marks Each)

All The Best 

Dr. Nitin Madhukar Kulkarni

(M.Sc. Ph.D.)

Vice Principal and Head Of the Department, Associate Professor in Electronic Science

Teaching Faculty

Mrs. Shubhangi Satish Katti


Associate Professor

Teaching Faculty

Mrs. Amruta Prasad Kathe

(M.Sc., SET Qualified)

Associate Professor

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Madhukar Sarvottam Zambare

(M.Sc. Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor

Teaching Faculty

Dr.Vijay Popat Labade

(M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D)

Controller of Examinations, Assistant Professor, Dept of Electronic Science

Teaching Faculty

Ms. Kalpana Anand Kulkarni

(M.Sc., NET Qualified)

Assistant Professor

Teaching Faculty

Yogita Sandip Khandge

(M.Sc., NET Qualified)

Assistant Professor

Teaching Faculty

Mrs. Tilekar Ranjana Tulshiram

(M.Sc. )

Assistant Professor

Teaching Faculty

Ms. Panchsheela Bansidhar Kamble

(M.Sc., NET Qualified)

Assistant Professor

Teaching Faculty

Note: Biodata of any of the above mentioned faculty member can be downloaded by clicking on their name.

Dr. Nitin Madhukar Kulkarni, Vice Principal and Head Of the Department, Associate Professor in Electronic Science , M.Sc. Ph.D.

Mrs. Amruta Prasad Kathe,Associate Professor , M.Sc., SET Qualified

    Experience of more than 22 years teaching at Under-graduate and 5 years at post-graduate level

    4 research papers at National level.

    Worked on:

    UGC sponsored Minor Research Scheme-“4 Channel ECG Monitoring System”

    GPIB interface design and programming for instrument control

    Serial communication systems’ design

    Biomedical signal handling and instrumentation

    Analog and digital circuit design

    Completed 1 Minor Research Project sponsored by  UGC

    Member of SPEED (Society for promotion of Excellence in Electronics Discipline),

    Delievered guest lectures on medical instrumentation for R & D Engineers

    Worked as visiting faculty for IBB integrated M.Sc. course in University of Pune

    Contributed to e-learning activity of Fergusson College

    Elected as top ranked teacher(2009) in students’ feedback

    Published poetry collection book “Pratibimba”

    Published article in SPEED e-magazine on problems in biomedical instrumentation

    Working for webpage management at department level.

Dr. Madhukar Sarvottam Zambare,Assistant Professor , M.Sc. Ph.D.

    Dr. Chandrashekher Aiyer Award (Best Project Guide), IPA (Pune Chapter), 2011

Dr.Vijay Popat Labade,Controller of Examinations, Assistant Professor, Dept of Electronic Science , M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D

    ·         Awarded as Teacher Fellowship (Faculty Improvement Program) under UGC XI plan from 5th Jan 2011 to 4th Jan 2014.

    ·         Awarded as a Black Belt in Judo Karate by the Indian Marshal Art (IMA), India affiliated by country Vietnam, 1996

Ms. Kalpana Anand Kulkarni,Assistant Professor , M.Sc., NET Qualified


Yogita Sandip Khandge,Assistant Professor , M.Sc., NET Qualified

Mrs. Tilekar Ranjana Tulshiram,Assistant Professor , M.Sc.

     Experience:      4 Year

Research Title: Research Projects

Researchers :


Sr. No.

Name of Teacher

Title of Project

Funding Agency

Duration of Project

Amount (Rs.)



Dr. M.S. Zambare


“Development of reconfigurable wireless sensor nodes for water quality monitoring”

(Proposal No. 15SC001567)




IoT based water quality system prototype is developed


Dr.Vijay P. Labade

“Development of an embedded automated sequence musical note generator for musical note quotient testing.”



1, 00,000

Developed embedded automated sequence musical note generator


Dr.Vijay P. Labade

“Development of HV battery discharge system for industrial application.” and Proposal id : 15SCI000367.




1, 70,000


HV battery discharge system for industrial application.


Mrs. S. S. Katti

Solar Powered on chip Laboratory

Phoenix Contact,







Mrs. S.S. Katti

Educational Tool for Identification and Sorting of Electronic components






Reuse of  Electronic Components to Reduce E waste


Mrs. S. S. Katti

Vision Based Medical Assistant for Elderly and  Visually impaired People


Contact, Germany



Medical Assistant