The Department was originally established as Department of Biology in 1905, with an initial grant of Rs.10,000. The Department of Zoology separated from Biology department in 1916, with a donation of Rs.20,000 from H.H. Maharaja of Indore Sawai Tukojirao  Holkar. The department has completed 107 years of establishment. First batch of B.Sc. Zoology degree passed out in 1945. It is recognized as research Center by University of Pune on June 15th 1979. The department houses Museum which is one of richest museum across the country. The department was also recognized for DST-FIST support in the year 2007. At present, it has spacious and well equipped laboratories with advance instrumentation for biological studies. The department has major and minor research projects funded by Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, University Grants Commission, and University of Pune. As a recognized research center by University of Pune, the department has  research students working for their M.Phil and Ph.D Degrees.

Programmes/ Courses Offered

  • B.Sc. Zoology

      Information of the Students (for last three years): T.Y.B.Sc. Zoology Graduation (in numbers)

      Year No. of Students
      2010-2011 50
      2011-12 32
      2012-13 34
      2013-14 36
      2014-2015 41


The Department has established an Association for students and christened it as “Zooassociation”. Under the Association activities, Eminent Scientists and Academicians are invited as Resource person where they interact with students on various research areas. Apart from this, every year an exhibition is organized where students do small projects, display them and interact with each other. This activity is been continued for past several years.

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Academic Activity

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Extra -Curricular  Activity


Process of Admission for First and Second Year B.Sc.




Commencement of Lectures and practicals of Second Year B.Sc.








Commencement of Lectures and practicals of First  Year B.Sc.



Admissions for Third Year B.Sc.

Commencement of Lectures of Third Year B.Sc.


Commencement of practicals for Third Year B.Sc.

DBT Star Hands-on practicals for S. Y. B. Sc. and T. Y. B. Sc. students.

Inaugural Session of “Zoology Association” and a beginning of Guest Lecture Series.



Lectures and Practicals of First and Second Year B.Sc.

One day excursion for Third Year B.Sc. students.


Lectures and practicals of First , Second and Third Year B.Sc.

Excursion and Field Visits for First year B.Sc. Students.   



DBT Star Hands-on practicals for S. Y. B. Sc. students.



Lectures and Practicals and Sem. Examination.

Field Visits for Second Year B.Sc. Students.                    

Teachers’ Training   Program for School teachers under DBT Star Scheme.


Lectures and Practicals of First, Second and Third Year B.Sc.


Institute Visits for Second         Year B.Sc. Students.


Guest Lecture of Zoology Association.


Lectures and practicals of First, Second and Third Year B.Sc.





Departmental Fest


DBT Star Hands-on practicals for F. Y. B. Sc. students.

Long Excursion for T. Y. B Sc.  students. 



DBT Star Hands-on practicals for F. Y. B. Sc. students.

Institute visit   third year B.Sc. Practical Revision Display.



Practical examinations.





Central Assessment Programme (CAP).



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Dr. Kishor D. Pendharkar


Associate Professor & Head

Teaching Faculty

Dr.Navnath E. Chandanshive


Associate Professor

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Mrs. Anukriti Nigam


Assistant Professor

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Sanjay N. Kumbhar

(M.Sc., Ph.D)

Assistant Professor

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Sameer S. Terdalkar

(M.Sc., Ph.D)

Assistant Professor

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Pramod P. Phirke

(M.Sc.,B. Ed. Ph.D)

Assistant Professor

Teaching Faculty

Mr. Ravindra V. Shinde

(M.Sc. NET)

Assistant Professor

Teaching Faculty

Note: Biodata of any of the above mentioned faculty member can be downloaded by clicking on their name.

Dr. Sameer S. Terdalkar,Assistant Professor , M.Sc., Ph.D

    Recipient of Best Teacher award for the year 2015, conferred by Department of Education, Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune. (Received on 5th September, 2015)

Research Title: Research Projects

Researchers :


S. No.

Name of Teacher

Title of Project

Funding Agency

Duration of Project

Amount (Rs.)



Dr. K. D. Pendharkar

Survey of Cestode parasites of Sheep and Goat from Pune District.

University Grants Commission

2 yrs




Survey of cestode parasites from the Sheep and goat from Pune District was done in the year 2008 to 2010. The prevalence of infection found and was predominant of Genes Monezia and Stilesia.


Dr. K. D. Pendharkar

Study of co-administration of Pentoxifylline with the plant extract Tridax procumbens on the early development of blood vessels in chick embryo

University Grants Commission




The developing embryo is showing normal growth with control and the Pentoxifylline treated blood vessels, the angiogenesis is also good. Histo chemical structure is normal with normal intensity of blue colour that stained the protein content.

The Tridax extract treated embryo showing some irregularities in the pattern of histological section  and more blue colour indicting some more protein content is detected it may  be the response to Tridax extract.



Dr. Anukriti N.Nigam

Study of Limnological Parameters of Khadakwasala reservoir as conservation site for threatened fish Mahseer. (Minor)

University Grants Commission







From the research work conducted in Khadakwasala reservoir of Pune district it could be inferred that this reservoir can be used for conservation of threatened fish Mahseer. The results indicated that not only physical parameters but also the chemical parameters of the reservoir are favourable for stocking of Mahseer and this reservoir could also be developed as a centre for sports fishery in future, which will ensure employment for locals and would be a source of economic upliftment.



Dr. Samir Terdalkar

Isolation and Identification of Microorganisms from mangrove Species of Rhizophoramucronata from Bhatye Estuary, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

University Grants Commission






Dr. Pramod P. Phirke

“Impact of chelating agents on certain metabolic activities of an experimental model, Parreysia corrugata”.

University Grants Commission



Project completed and submitted to UGC. Two research papers published.