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Bachelor of Vocation – Digital Art and Animation: In 20th Century the Media Sector started growing day by day first it was print media then Television Media but now it is Digital media, everyone is connected with all this media with visual arts somehow.

Because changes were happening in Electronic Technology Animation has new role to play in allied sector like E-Learning, Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Medical Animation etc.

B.Voc Digital Art and Animation offers two core skill components Graphics & Animation.

The Media industry is one of the most blooming sectors today. It requires influx of young creative innovative brains, with over-whelming energy, equipped with media skills every year.

B.Voc. Media and Communication offers one of its own kind opportunities to the 12th grade pass students (H.S.C.) of any stream to pursue this enticing career option. The most unique quality of this programme is that after successful completion of first two semesters the student will get a diploma, after fourth semester an advanced diploma and after sixth semester a bachelor degree. The idea is very clear that after every two semesters the student should be industry-ready with at least two media related skills along with professional and ethical understanding of that specific vertical of the media industry.


The B. Voc. Programme is a credit based programme with a total of 180 credit points over a span of three years. (60 credit points per year.) The programme is run with two components, the General Education component and the Skilled component.


The General Education component is designed to develop language skills, Visual Design, general awareness about the Designing and various Animation Techniques.

A total of 24 credit points are allotted for the General Education component per year.



The students passing 10+2 or equivalent can apply for this course.


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Mr. Prasad Shukla

(M.Sc. I.T. in Animation)

Assistant Professor

Teaching Faculty

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