The Sociology Department was started in 1960. It offers a 3 year degree program in B.A.

Courses Offered

First Year BA
G I Introduction to Sociology
Second Year BA
G II Social Welfare and Social Legislation in India
Population and Society
Second Year BA S I Foundations of Sociological Thoughts
Second Year BA S II Indian Society: Issues and Problems
Third Year BA
G III Work and Society
Crime and Society
Third Year BA S III Social Research Methods
Third Year BA S IV Contemporary Indian Society

Students opting for Sociology at the General level will take GI, GII and GIII respectively in FY, SY and TY BA.
  • Students opting for Sociology Special will take G II + S I & S II in SYBA, and G III + S III & S IV in TYBA.

Departmental Ethos


  • We are guided by values of pluralism, equality, justice, nonviolence and compassion.
  • Learning is based on critical exploration of reality and aspires to be emancipatory, creative and socially relevant.
  • Our focus is more on cooperative endeavours oriented towards the wellbeing of the group rather than the individual.
  • We nurture a sociological imagination that is holistic, critical and reflexive

Features of the department
  • Learning Thrust: is participatory, experiential and based on critical exploration of reality.
  • Creative learning methods: Prolific use of films, novels, poems, picture analysis, posters, simulation exercises, class debates and student presentations.
  • Student Research Activity: Students are involved in various projects like case studies, surveys, photo documentation, film making and creating a resource base on social issues.
  • Regular field trips and CSO visits: Visits to slums, villages, Civil Society Organizations are organized so as to connect theoretical understanding with ground realities and to make learning more meaningful.
  • Focus on Skills Development: Skills like research skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills and leadership skills are developed through various departmental activities.
  • A Certificate Course on “Women and Development” is conducted by the Women’s Studies Centre, University of Pune every year.
  • Departmental Fest “Vividha” in which social concerns and issues are communicated creatively through different interactive mediums.
  • Career opportunities: Teaching, research, social sector, media and communication studies, law, corporate social responsibility (CSR), H.R., human rights organizations.


Sameeksha – The Sociology Club & Forum for Gender Equality

We have a very active club & forum which meets weekly for activities like

  • Discussion Forum: It includes activities such as group discussions, debates, book reading and reviews, picture analysis and simulation exercises, film screening and discussion.
  •  Poster Exhibitions & Street Plays: on themes of environment, development, gender equality media, democracy, peace, disability, tribal issues, children’s issues and caste. These are also taken to other colleges.
  • Reaching Out – Volunteering for NGOs & Field Visits: collaboration with 20 civil society organizations.
  • Awareness campaigns, rallies and surveys: on issues like female foeticide, gender violence, sexual harassment and environmental concerns.
  • Observing Significant Days: like Hiroshima Day, Human Rights Day and Non Violence Day International Peace Day, International fortnight on Say No to violence against women, Gandhi Punyatithi by holding poster exhibition, film screening, peace rally and community singing and street plays.

Please Note

Mr. Nishant Gadpayle

(M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed.)

Assistant Professor, Head of the Department

Teaching Faculty

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