time table Committee

Coordinator:Dr. Vishakha Korad


Sr. No. Name of member   Contact No. E-Mail ID
1. Dr. Ravindrasinh Pardeshi,  Chairman Principal    
Dr. Vishakha Korad, Coordinator Zoology
3. Dr. Jogita Pandkar Botany

Shri. Manish Agalave
5. Shri. Amir Mulla Environmental Science    
6. Shri. Anand Katikar
7. Shri. Shardul Thakur
8. Shri. Pooja Nashikkar
(Representative) Junior College 

*All Vice Principals are the members of the committee.

Roles and functions of Time-Table Co-ordination Committee:

  1. The Coordinator and the members of the committee will be responsible for prepairing the entire Time-Table of the college.
  2. Once the Time-Table is circulated and implemented the coordinator and members will make changes in the allotment of classrooms with permission of the Principal.
  3. The Coordinator will also record the bookings/allotment of AV Hall(s) in the campus and maintain their record.
  4. The committee will be meeting at least twice in a semester.