Gymkhana Committee


Over the years, Fergusson College has won laurels in sports and cultural activities besides always being in the forefront of academic achievements. Our college has a tradition of providing an all-round development for students, by making available facilities for sports and for cultural activities. The college has very good infrastructural facilities for sports and related extra-curricular activities, which have been developed and have thrived over the years. There have been additions to and renovations of these facilities from time to time, for indoor and outdoor games and also for the traditional Indian games.

Gymkhana Facilities

A) Outdoor Games

One large ground, referred to as the main ground (ground no.1) and a relatively smaller ground (ground no. 2) are situated on the western side of the campus at the base of the Fergusson College hill.
  1. Cricket:

    Cricket is played on the main ground and has a matting wicket. The ground has excellence natural drainage, which enables matches to be played even during the rainy season.

  2. Football and Hockey

    These games are also played on the main ground without encroaching on the cricket pitch as the ground is large enough to accommodate all these games.

  3. Softball
    This game is also played on the main ground.

  4. Basketball courts

    Two standard size basketball courts to the east of the main ground have been recently re-surfaced with asphalt under expert supervision.
    It is planned to fix floodlights so that tournaments can be conducted in the late evenings also.

  5. Volleyball

    There are two volleyball courts on ground no 2, one each for girls and boys.

  6. Tennis Courts: (Seven Courts)

    Well-qualified coaches impart training to the students and others. Facilities include changing rooms and toilets for girls and boys.

  7. Hand Ball
    Handball is played on ground no 2.

  8. Athletics
    A running track of 400 mts. is provided on the main ground. It is used for practice, and training for various intercollegiate competitions.

  9. Athletics
    A running track of 400 mts. is provided on the main ground. It is used for practice, and training for various intercollegiate competitions.

  10. Indian Games

  11. Kabbadi
    There are two kabbadi courts for girls and boys on ground no 2.
  12. Kho-Kho
    This court is also on ground no 2.
  13. Mallakhamb
    Mallakhamb is practiced on ground no.2 with the installation of Mallakhamb and Rope whenever needed.

B) Indoor Games

  1. Badminton
    Two badminton halls are available for the students. One is situated in the ladies hostel exclusively for girls and the other is in a hall near the college canteen, which is open to all students. Both these halls have been renovated recently.
  2. Table Tennis
    Three tables are provided for the students.
  3. Boxing
    A boxing ring for training and practice is provided in the gymnasium.
  4. Wrestling and Judo
    Mats are provided for wrestling and judo in the gymnasium building.
  5. Carrom and Chess
    Boards for these games are provided to students in the badminton hall.
  6. Gymnasium
    For Boys

    For Girls

  7. Yoga
    Yoga is practiced in the hall adjacent to the gymnasium.
The gymkhana also provides funds and facilities for cultural activities of the students. The college also makes available its grounds and sports facilities for tournaments conducted by the University, Zilla Parishad and NGOs / social organizations.

Last Five year Achievement

Sr. No. Year Inter College Participate team Total No. of Players Inter College Winner team Inter College Runner up Zonal Player University Player Inter-National Player
1 2010-11 32 206 05 01 69 23 04
2011-12 31 260 03 04 35 20 07
2012-13 30 211 03
2013-14 35 262 04 03
43 26 05
2014-15 38 277

Dronacharya / Arjun / Shiv Chhatrapati Award Winners (till date)

Sr. No. Student’s Name Year of Award Game Award Students of Fergusson College in the years
1 Bhagawat Bhalchandra 1984-85 Wrestling Dronacharya B.A.1952-54
2 Shubhangi Kulkarni 1995-96
Cricket Arjun Chhatrapati B.A. 1975-78
3 Rajendra Dravid 1977-78 Kho-Kho Chhatrapati B.A. 1969-71
4 Nitin Kanitkar 1978-79 Judo Chhatrapati B.Sc. 1977-78
5 Mangal Bhuwad 1978-79 Judo Chhatrapati B.A. 1980-81
6 Arvind Vartak 1979-80 Judo Chhatrapati B.Sc.1978-80
7 Nazleen Madraswala 1979-80 Hockey Chhatrapati B.A. 1980-83
8 Vilas Deshmukh 1980-81 Kho-Kho Chhatrapati B.Sc 1972-74
9 Shailesh Tilak 1981-82 Judo Chhatrapati B.A. 1980-82
10 Kishori Bhade 1983-84 Volley Ball Chhatrapati M.A.1983-85
11 Dattatray Deshpande 1984-85 Judo Chhatrapati XII 1980-81
12 Deepali Rakshe   Judo Chhatrapati BCS 1995
13 Sulakshana Rao 1992-92 Mallakhamb Chhatrapati B.A/ M.A. 1991-97
14 Archana Garde 1994-95 Gymnastic Chhatrapati B.Sc 1993-96
15 Kajol Shanbag 1994-95 Basket-ball Chhatrapati XI 1990-91
16 Smita Lonkar 1999-00 Judo Chhatrapati B.A. 1995-98
17 Ajay Dhade - Waterpolo Chhatrapati XII 1982-84
18 Monu Golkari - Hockey Organizer Chhatrapati -
19 Urmila Nanaware 2004-2005 Skatting Chhatrapati B.A. 2005-07
20 Shital Mahajan 2004-2005 Sky Diving Chhatrapati B.Sc 2002-06
21 Dipika Joseph 2008-10 Kabaddi Chhatrapati B.A.2008-11
22 Shradhha Bhat 2008-10 Taekwondo Chhatrapati B. Sc.2007-10
23 Ruta Deshmukh 2008-10 Rope Mallakhamb Chhatrapati XII 2009
24 Manasi Bhide 2008-10 Skating Chhatrapati B. Sc.2007-10
25 Sanjay Gavane 1999-00 Judo MH State Dadoji Konddev (Coaching) 1975-79
26 Digambar Vakharrkar 1972-73 Sports Organization MH State Shiva chhatrapati 1926-31
27 Bal Pandit 1978-79 Sports Organization MH State Shiva chhatrapati 1965-70
28 Alaka Dhige 1970-71 Athletics MH State Shiva chhatrapati 1968-71
29 Suryamala Maniyar 1971-72 Athletics MH State Shiva chhatrapati 1966-69
30 Vijay deshpande 1982-83 Sports Organization MH State Shiva chhatrapati 1963-66
31 Sudha Bafana 1975-76 Badminton MH State Shiva chhatrapati 1967-70
32 Devdhar D.B. 1980 Cricket India Govt. Padmabhushan 1911-15
33 Amruta Shinde 1996-97 Cricket MH State Shiva chhatrapati 1991-93
34 Arkithiya Markarnish 1970-71 Hockey MH State Shiva chhatrapati 1980-84
35 Geeta Sarin 1980-81 Hockey MH State Shiva chhatrapati 1970-73
36 Sanjay Gavhane 1981-82 Judo MH State Shiva chhatrapati 1975-78
37 Sheetal Marne 2007-08 Kabaddi South Asian Kabaddi tournaments 2006-08

International Players (till date)

Sr. No. Students Names Event   Sr. No. Students Names Event
1. Vijaya Kulkarni Cricket   25
Arun Harikumar
Basket Ball
2. Shubhangi Kulkarni Cricket 26
Krutika Diwadkar
Basket Ball
3. S.W. Sohni Cricket 27
Surabhi Date Rugby
4. Amruta Shinde Cricket 28
Neha Pardeshi Rugby
5. Nandan Phadnis Cricket 29
Neharika Bal Rugby
6. Geeta Sarin Hockey 30
Gayatri Salunkhe Rugby
7. Naazleen Madraswala Hockey 31
Bahabhij Bharucha Rugby
8. Anup Mindu Tennis 32
Vikrant Ghaisas Shooting
9. Bela Pandit Tennis 33
Chinmay Kulkarni Chess
10. Janhavi Sundarrajan Tennis 34
Shital Mahajan Para Jumping
11. Sayali Bhilare Tennis 35
Manda Kumbhar Soft Ball
12. Reshmi Teltumbade Tennis 36
Shruti Kotkal Ice Skating
13. Ajay Limaye Judo 37
Shirin Limaye
Basket Ball
14. Preeti Nerlekar Badminton 38
Shruti Menon
Basket Ball
15. Burjor Shraf Badminton 39 Neha Pardeshi
16. Atul Biniwale Badminton 40
Swapnil Wagh
Blind Cricket
17. Aditi Mutatkar Badminton 41
Suyash Jadhav
Paralympic Swimming
18. Anuradha Shrikhande Badminton 42
Amit Sing
South Pole Treaker    
19 Aparna Phalnikar Tennis Doubles 43
Sidhart Bhagwat International Antartic Expection
20 Dipika Joseph Kabaddi
21 Yogesh Bodake Hand Ball
22 Apurva Sontakke Basket Ball
23 Prasanna Patwardhan Basket Ball
24 Sneha Rajguru Basket Ball

Fergusson College has produced two famous Olympians in Principal N.D. Nagarwala and Nazleen Madraswala, who represented India in hockey. Professor D.B.Deodhar, Cricket Maharshi was one of the greatest cricketers of our country.

Miss Shital Mahajan made History in Sky Diving. She is the only Lady who jumped from the Sky (22000 ft) free fall jump on the North & South Pole.

Gymkhana Department Teaching and Non Teaching Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation Educational Qualification
1. Dr. K.D.Pendharkar
Gymkhana-Chairman MSc,Ph.D.
2 Prof. G. H. Sonawane
Director of Physical Edu. MA, M. Com. M. Ed(Phy.Edu), S.E.T.
3 Mrs. Leela Mali-Joshi
Vice-Principal(Jr. Wing)
M.Com, M. Ed(Phy.Edu),M.Phil.
4 Mr. S. S. Deshmukh Tacher in Physical Education MA, M.Ed(Phy.Edu), M.Phil.
Mrs. V. H. Shinde Junior Clerk M.A., M. Lib. & I. Sc., DIS.
Mr. Hanumant Sathe Peon -