The Hostels

The college has very good hostel accommodation for boys and girls. There are in all 6-hostel blocks, 4 blocks for gents and 2 blocks for ladies. The total intake capacity of the hostel is 587 students (427 boys and 160 girls). The gents’ hostel blocks are located to the north of the campus and the ladies’ hostel blocks are on the eastern part of the campus.

The Residential Quarters

The College has some quarters for the teaching and the non – teaching staff of the college and also for employees of other DES Institutes. Spacious bungalows, built on the old British design, near the main gate and the ladies' hostel gate, add greatly to the beauty of the college campus. The Principal is provided with an independent bungalow and other bungalows are meant for the other office bearers and teachers of the college. Besides these bungalows, both big and small, there are 8 UGC apartments. The residences for the non-teaching staff, consist of twin bungalows, servants' quarters, chawl-type quarters and out houses attached to the big bungalows.